How Can See e-Aadhar Card Download And Print Online Free
How Can See e-Aadhar Card Download And Print Online Free

How Can See e-Aadhar Card Download And Print Online Free: Hello Friends As you all know that Aadhar card has become an important part of our life ever since the government has imposed this rule that you can do without an Aadhar card.

Whether it is any banking-related work or to buy any SIM card, all-important work has to be done with an Aadhar card in today’s time, many times there is a situation that we need Aadhar and we do not have it. You will not be able to do important work, today we will teach you to download an Aadhar card, you will also do this work from your phone, and will tell you all step by step. In this article of yours, we will know how to download Aadhar cards online.

e-Aadhar Card Download And Print Online Free

Step: 1. First of all, open Google Chrome browser on your phone, then search in it, download Aadhaar, you will find the website at the top, on which you have to click on it, we are giving you a niche photo for you to work in a step by step. Now you have to click on my Aadhar as given in the photo, you will get some options in front, out of which you have to choose the option of download Aadhar, step by step you will be able to download Aadhar card from Asan.

Step by Step Check Your e-aadhar card online free
Step by Step Check Your e-Aadhar card online free



Step: 2. Right now you will be redirected to another page at the bad of clicking, a new page will open, if the page does not open due to any reason, then try it for a short time because the server load on the site is high. Sometimes the website of Aadhaar does not work properly, you notice it, now you have to enter your Aadhaar number in Aadhaar number, then niche you will see the option of captcha, some number or number or any xysffD in front of you which shows such a need to be filled then Click on send it OTP When you have applied for your own Aadhar card then you have given your mobile number then you send an OTP to the mobile number given in Aadhar card which has some number that has to be crossed.


Step: 4. After entering OTP you are done Aadhar survey which can tick mark according to you then you have got an option of verifying and download Aadhar you have to download Aadhar by clicking on us for download then you have pdf format I have a file, but that file is password protected, see the example of its password (the first four capital letters of your name are the words me and your year 1890) By doing this you can type your password Example ANIS1890 This will be your password Let us save the file took to open



Step: 5. If you have applied for a new Aadhar card then you have done and you want to download it on your mobile phone then look at the given picture and you can download Aadhaar by entering the Aadhaar enrollment slip which you have received.

Check Your e-Aadhar card online

Enter the enrollment number from the slip me, which is 14 digits, after that, you will get the time and date in the same slip, you set the date and time by clicking on the calendar and then enter the captcha, then click on the OTP that you have Clicked on the register number, but an OTP will come, by which you will be able to download the Aadhar card, you have downloaded the PDF of Aadhar, after seeing the above conditions, you can open the Aadhar file by entering the password.



Step: 6. You can download Aadhaar in 3 ways, we have done this with you step by step above, you can also download an Aadhar card with a virtual id, you also have slipped me a virtual id, which is of 16 digits which you can download by dal. You have got the virtual id in the slip which you get while making the Aadhar, after entering the virtual id you have to enter the captcha from the captcha image, for the captcha to be verified, you have to click on the OTP to download the Aadhar card it happens.

After downloading, you have to enter the password which we have given you above, you can download the PDF, download the password very easily, if you find the one given by us useful, then share it with what you will get. Do.


Hope you will get a lot of help in this article if you have to download an Aadhar card online, if I face any problem then do comment can tell me we will definitely help you.

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